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Romance, Mucha Style

So you've never heard of Alphonse Mucha? I hadn't either, until I took an art history class in college and fell in LOVE with Art Nouveau, Paris, and romance. I would have to say that Mucha's lines are some of my favorite, in all of art. His use of color, gorgeous, graceful figures, the drama of abundance and the passion of his flourishes...all of this was enough to make me forget about my crush on Monet and Impressionism. Without going into the history of Art Nouveau (which Wikipedia can explain far better than I), I would like to say that this was a movement that permeated every aspect of the arts, from costumes and theatre sets, to jewelry, furniture, architecture and even the iconic METRO entrances in Paris. One cannot think of Paris without thinking of Art Nouveau, and one cannot think of Paris without thinking of romance. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I would like to give you a little photographic trip to experience what I'm talking about, and to get us all in the mood for February 14th. Ahhhhh, love. Mucha, je t'aime! #artinspiration #artnouveau #artistsilove #mucha

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