You can commission a portrait to be done from a photograph, with specific details added such as a lei and the flowers of your choice! This type of special order varies in price, so a phone or in-person consultation would be set up in order for the artist to provide a quote. CONTACT THE ARTIST TO ARRANGE FOR A QUOTE.


For a truly personal touch for your wedding, graduation, birthday celebration, retirement, or any special event, you can commission original art to suit your theme, colors, and botanical choices. Your personalized map could be a geographical one or a collage of your favorite memories! As with portraits, these pieces are so unique and vary in price. Depending on size and number of items, the artist can provide you with a quote for the original art. The art can then be digitized and combined with type, and printed as invitations, signage, and any other paperie products for your special day. 

Note that printing costs are separate and not subject to the 20% off sale price for the commissioned original artwork. Printing costs depend on many factors, such as quantity, paper stock used, and whether there are special effects such as letterpress or embossing. CONTACT THE ARTIST TO ARRANGE FOR A QUOTE.  

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