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Giving Back Through Art

I recently completed this watercolor painting of night-blooming cereus blossoms, also known as dragonfruit flowers. For those of us who attended Punahou School, these blooms are the beloved symbols of the fertile ground that nurtured us as students, as these plants grow on the rock walls that encircle our Manoa campus.

When I finished the painting, I knew that I really wanted to donate it to the Punahou Art Gallery. Every year, the Punahou Carnival generates money for one of the best causes I know of- -academic scholarships for children of all ages. I am proud to say that the Art Gallery accepted my piece to be sold at the Carnival exhibit, so I am able to donate 100% of the proceeds to this worthy cause.

My years at Punahou were instrumental in giving me the confidence to experiment and explore, and my Punahou art teachers exposed me to such an amazing range of media. Life Drawing, Jewelry Making, Ceramics, Sculpture, Glass Blowing and so much more were courses available to me, and I was fortunate to have committed, inspirational teachers. I hope my painting can add to the revenue of this year's Carnival scholarships, so I can contribute in some small way to the future of another grateful Punahou student!

Original Watercolor and Pen and Ink: "Where We Bloom" 2018

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