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DIY: Make Valentines Together

Remember school Valentines? At our house, since my mother was a teacher and my father, a graphic designer (and a frugal one, at that), it went without saying that we made our own Valentines. Except for once or twice - -when I begged my mom to get a cardboard box of Snoopy Valentines to carefully press out of their perforated sheets- -my sister and I looked forward to the enterprise of creating little cards for friends and family.

This year, to continue the tradition, my niece and I got together to create her own Valentines for her Kindergarten class. It seems like we no longer have the time, these days, to spend at the dining table creating the way we did when we were kids, however we also have a few modern tools such as computers and printers that weren't around during my childhood Valentine production sessions. Technology, to the rescue- - and Valentines are still doable DIY projects!

We started with my niece Haylee's current obsession, UNICORNS. She did a fun, detailed drawing and I added the words. We printed and cut out the cards, glued them onto pink card stock, and Haylee's original Valentine's were done! All that remained was for her to print her teachers' and classmates' names, sign her cards and decorate with stickers for a personal touch for each card.

So much more fun that just buying our school Valentine's! See what you think! Happy Valentine's Day, and hope it's a magical one!

Art by Haylee Shay, age 5

Copy by Auntie Trudi

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